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Rodtech Button 300mm Power Sweeping Brush

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  • Model: E1-4
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This 300mm (12Inch) head is designed to fit onto the ButtonLok (Button lock) rod system, to allow you to do the day to day cleaning of the smaller flues seemingly effortlessly, yet producing one of the cleanest results possible. The design has a unique feature in that it can fit through a narrow gap such as bolted in throat-plates and dampers, which have been fitted in stoves and flues sometimes without sweeping access points. It also can fit through most firebox openings without the need to remove the plate. This excellent Whip/brush has been designed to clean flues from 100mm to 200mm (4 to 8 Inches).
The whip heads contain nylon which aid the sweeping of chimneys cleanly. They are six sided strands which generate flat sides to enhance the cleaning process. As the whips can turn clockwise and anti-clockwise they are able to cover small chimneys with ease.
The nylon strands are very simple to replace, so the whips can be used for years to come which makes them far more cost effective then there tradition brush equivalents.
Further more you only require a few whip ends to cover most of your day to day cleaning needs saving you both space and time in choosing the right brush for the job. You no longer need to carry the vast range of brushes that are required by the old fashioned hand sweeping method. They also have the advantage of being able to expand to fit the chimney through centrifugal force which ensures the head staying centralised to the flue and gives a far larger field of contact then the old brush system it replaces. The speed of the drill determines the force generated to clean the chimney. It is always advised to use low speeds in pre 1966 chimneys, and to always use battery power tools to safe guard yourself.

patent Pending: EP12165514.6

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  • Model: E1-4
  • Manufactured by: Rodtech UK


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Rodtech User Manual

Rodtech Click power sweeping manual


Click the above image to view the Rodtech user manuals on our sister site


Patent number GB2500288. Patent Pending: PCT/GB2012/053091 also Patent Pending EP12165514.6

publication numbers GB2509004 and WO2014/091176.

Rodtech Approvals

A1 Flue Systems

Please take this letter as an endorsement of the Rodtech equipment and its use within the flues we supply.

It is our opinion that power sweeping using the Rodtech equipment, is the first choice as a method of sweeping our flues.

The Rodtech equipment must be used in accordance with their manual (and where ever possible the Rodtech training that they provide) to validate any warrantee provided with our flues.




Following our recent attendance to your Power Sweeping training course I am pleased to confirm that Chimflue are happy to endorse the use of your equipment on the products which we supply to the trade.

Both my colleagues and myself were very impressed with the ease in which the system can be used, the effectiveness of just one pass of a system and the fact that no damage is caused by utilising this method of sweeping.




Further to extensive testing, and your companies approved methods and products by trade Associations, we are pleased to endorse the use of the Rodtech power sweeping equipment in all of our Dinak flue systems.

Further having seen the benefits from its use Dinak would like to endorse your products as our preferred method of sweeping any of our flues, provided that they are carried out by a competent and trained professional, to your detailed user manual instructions, and there are no chemical cleaners used.

We trust that you find this endorsement in order, but should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely
For and on behalf of Dinak UK

Peter Cook

Dinak UK Director



NACS - National Association of Chimney Sweeps

We Approve the Rodtech system for cleaning chimneys and flues.



Cheminees Poujoulat

Following the demonstration of Rodtech Power Sweeping training course I am pleased to confirm that Poujoulat UK are endorsing the use of Rodtech equipment on all of our rigid and flexible chimney systems manufactured by our Company, we will also be providing training courses on the use of the Rodtech equipment, and are the distributor of the Rodtech products based in Guildford, covering the UK.

The ease of use of this system, will make it a winner for any sweep.

This endorsement is given on the understanding that the equipment is used in accordance with the 'Rodtech detailed user instructions' and by a sweep trained in its use, also it must not be used with the addition of chemical cleaners in the cleaning process.




Further to our recent Meeting at Specflue and demonstration of your Rodtech power sweeping equipment. we would endorse the use of your mechanical sweeping equipment for the cleaning of both rigid and flexible chimney systems manufactured by our Company, Schiedel Chimney Systems Limited.

This endorsement is given on the understanding that the equipment is used according to your detailed user instructions and there are no additional chemical cleaners used



SFL Flues & Chimneys

Having observed your product demonstration, we at SFL can be satisfied that it is an excellent choice for cleaning our stainless steel chimney systems and flexible flue liner. We are pleased to endorse your product where used in compliance with your comprehensive instruction manual, our installation/maintenance instructions and without the use of chemical cleaners. The Rodtech Power Sweeping Equipment is an inventive, non-aggressive approach to chimney maintenance which reflects our own philosophy for innovation and our maxim: Solutions For Life. Furthermore, as UK manufacturers, we are proud to support another British-made product.



Lagan Brick


Please find our comprehensive endorsement of the Rodtech power sweeping Equipment.
We have conducted our own tests of this equipment, and found that it removes more deposits from
all types of flue systems, than any other form of traditional sweeping (top or bottom swept), and is
an inventive, non-aggressive approach to chimney maintenance.
It is therefore a formality to gladly endorse this method of sweeping as the best and only method we
fully endorse within any flue system that we manufacture and/or supply at the Lagan Group.
We are pleased to endorse your product where used in compliance with your comprehensive
instruction manual, our installation/maintenance instructions and without the use of chemical
cleaners. lt is also further advised that the chimney sweep attend the Rodtech power sweep training
course available so that the operative is fully acquainted with the use and techniques of using the
We hope that this endorsement by the Lagan Group shows our fullest commitment to the customer
being swept, the professional using the equipment, and our continued efforts to ensure the best
products available to the industry.

Yours Sincerely

Ray Deegan

Ray Deegan



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