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Welcome to Rodtech UK Ltd - Specialists in Rotary Power Sweeping

Rodtech UK LTD started the rotary power sweeping revolution in the UK, by actively showing the benefits of rotary sweeping throughout the 00s, gaining industry approval, from leading liner manufacturers, insurers and trade associations along the way to becoming the world leader in power sweeping equipment.

Designed for extensive day to day use that a professional sweep demands. The International Award winning click system, has been engineered to give an unrivalled clean, because of the design of the click heads and unique copolymer strands, you can tackle everything from a lined flue to an unlined flue. The brush can be soft or firm bristled just by altering the speed of the drill. Not only does power sweeping help take the physical wear and tear away from the chimney sweeps body, but leaves the flue in pristine condition when used by the professionally trained sweep.

Rodtech Rotary Power Sweeping Equipment is used by members of:

Through years of design and testing by professional sweeps we have combined the most advanced engineering, with the best material to create an unparalleled system, allowing Rodtech to give our users the ultimate chimney sweeping experience.

With our in house manufacturing team our rods and heads are made to order, from only high grade material sourced within the UK.

Our Rodtech Click Rods, have been engineered out of Naval grade brass ferrules with stainless steel springs to fight against corrosion, and have a special copolymer shaft which can withstand the harshest of winters (-35 degrees) and yet can be boiled to sterilise them for uses in the food industry and hospitals.

Our head design has been copied by many, who still use nylon strands and do not protect the ends causing metal on metal grinding within steel lined flues, and strands that (when cold become brittle) wear easily.

With over 40 years experience as professional chimney sweeps, including master sweeps, directors of trade associations and an assessors, assessor for the City & Guilds qualification in chimney sweeping and at the head of Rodtech, you can be sure the equipment has no equal in design or ease of use.

We offer a full range of accessories including Smoke Pellets, Dust Sheets and Magnets to help professional sweeps in their day to day job, as well as full chimney sweep training in both manual and rotary power sweeping, making us the one stop shop for either the novice or experienced chimney sweep.

Call or email us today and see how we can help you in the world of chimney sweeping.

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Rodtech UK LTD

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