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Rodtech Button Bird Nest Remover [E1-7]

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£60.00 Ex VAT
£72.00 Inc VAT

I bought this nest remover on behalf of my dad as he had a couple of birds nests to remove. Here is his review "I can't recommend highly enough. It made absolute mincemeat of both nests. I got 9 builder bucket loads from the first nest and 7 from the second, so they weren't just this years nests. No messing around I just pushed the rods up to the nest by hand first or number 1 gear on the drill if required and then put the drill in number 2 and it takes care of the rest, no strain on the rods. Incidentally neither chimney were lined. After clearing the nest, I sweep the chimney in the usual way. I saved hours!! I must say though after 2 jobs the strands have began to fray but new strands are available and are reasonable priced considering the time you save overall".
Date Added: 06/12/2014 by Darren Jones