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Rodtech Brass Click 1000x15mm Rod [C3-B]

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£30.00 Ex VAT
£36.00 Inc VAT

I needed some shorter Length Rods (250 & 500mm) To be able to sweep specific areas more effectively. Tony from Rodtech was more than happy to make these custom length rods.
I used them for the first time the other day, sweeping from the top down and they worked brilliant!
By going from the 250mm then adding the 500mm then taking these shorter rods off and fitting a full length and repeating this process lets you sweep every 250mm of the flue effectively without over stretching with full length rods. I would recommend having these short rods to every sweep.
The Rods are really nice to use too, really smooth and secure. Great product.
Date Added: 22/03/2015 by Jamie Farr